art and performance group 

collaboration of international artists and filmmakers

häppi töle guests

Guergana Tzatchkov

Natasha Papadopoulou

Coleen Moritz

Andreas Weil

Andreas Hess

Häppi Töle

is an art- and performance group, founded by Johanna Aust and Anne Makarov in 2007,

consisting of six young female artists, filmmakers and photographers, working also in

collaboration with other artists from all over the world.

Häppi Töle makes photo series, site specific and/or interactive live performances, video art and film.

Häppi Töle creates events between pleasure and pain, posing for the voyeur, at the same time observing him/her. 

Häppi Töle stands up in the public in order to reflect upon the common image of woman, rising awareness to our projections, exposing themselves and addressing the viewer in a new direct way.